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Teacher Resources: Implementing Technology


CyberBee was designed for teachers and students to incorporate more technology in the classroom.


CyberSmart!’s focus is “21st-century skills for education.” They promote cyber safety curriculum for students and their work supports what is happening in the classroom of core subjects.


Eduscape is basically a learning community of like-minded educators.


Based out of Virginia, the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) is a community of science teachers and professionals that are interested in incorporating STEM effectively into their curriculum.

Joan Ganz Cooney Center

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center website has been vigilant in focusing on the challenges children face today and advancing learning through digital channels.

Teachers First

The site is designed to offer a collection of lessons, units, and web resources to assist teachers.


The area that I would draw attention to is the Educational Technology Resources located under the Teaching Strategies tab. There one would find many resources from smartboard mini-lessons to internet resources that will immerse students in technology while aligned with the standards being taught in the classroom.

Tom March

Tom March developed eLearning sites, and became a co- developer of WebQuest. His website is amazing and includes many facets of useful information for educators.


The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) website was designed for educators that are passionate about how technology can change learning and education.


The Center for Children and Technology, also known as CCT, is a website that examines how technology can make teaching and learning enhanced.